Children whispers means trouble 


Go to the toilet for 2 minutes, hear whispering and giggling. You know they’re upto something when there’s quiet and a few giggles…
I don’t know whether I was glad that I’m Actually getting chance to have a wee in peace, and have 5 minutes, or nervous so I push that wee out so fast that you don’t finish it all,but need to see what they are upto before I hear a cry, or a smash !! You know there’s always 1 or the other in a ‘silent situation’ 
“What’s for breakfast mummy” ???? With biscuits in their hand!! 
Get down for goodness sake boys 🙈


The joys of boys 

I saw a meme the other day with a kid climbing up a fence and saying “when you thought all you had to worry about was your kid climbing out of their crib” I loved it, I could relate to it!! Having 2 boys my heart skips a beat at least every 5 minutes, it’s rediculous!!
This ladies and gentleman is Archie P , randomly taking a seat ontop of his house ….I mean really !!! 🙈 give me strength ! 


6.30am I hear the click on the door in the boys bedroom followed by little fast footsteps running across the hallway into our room. I lay with my eyes shut just hoping that he sees I’m still asleep and goes back into bed…….nope he’s armed with a handful of his favourite books, loudly tells me “good morning mummy, you have a nice sleep” with the biggest smile you could ever imaging especially at 6.30am. I mean that’s the sort of wake up you want is it, I could kiss his little face off….
With one eye open , I opened one side of the quilt and let him hop in. Last thing I need is him going back into his room to jump on his brother then world war 3 starts…no no no cannot possible cope with that this morning.  
He slips into bed literally climbing over every body part of mine whilst doing so, just so he can be as close to me in bed as possible..(Archie would be back inside me if he could ) books in my face, bum in my face, foot in my bits, and elbow in my side…ok I’m awake you have my attention.
“Can you read a book with me mummy”

“Yes baby just let mummy come around.”

“Ok mummy, I pretend reading it then you help me when your not grumpy”😳 
Kid guilt at its best!! 

Good morning guys 


Happy camping 
With the wedding Day close by, Alex decided at the weekend we should go camping seen as though we haven’t had a holiday for us as a family this year. Fab idea let’s get the car packed up, with everything but the kitchen sink and go! 
A couple of friends came with us with kids exactly the same age as ours. What could go wrong? I mean really kids can keep themselves occupied, it’s an open space, we had balls, frisbys, fidget spinners the lot for them. How foolish could I be??? How could I forget what my kids are like when tired ?? 
First night went like a dream, tent up , kids played lovely just your usual ‘can’t share moments’ but pretty good as we adults sat outside the rent relaxing at 9pm having a few glasses of prosecco…….4 bottles later we were hushed to bed to start the next day fresh ??? Hmmmm 
7am the kids awoke from their not so long sleep, already grumpy, demanding biscuits for breakfast and for one of the boys to give them what they was playing with. I should have known it was going to be a long day…. occupying 4 kids whilst they are grouchy and still mentally unable to know the actual meaning of sharing nicely isn’t the greatest ways to spend our Saturdays away. So after spending most of the day TRYING to occupy them with games, walks, and parks we still have seriously grumpy kids…..Only thing for it?? Me and my friend crack open a bottle whilst the boys have their peaceful couple of hours fishing (because of course they deserve it) and the kids paddy more because they can’t go fishing with their dads !! Tired of shouting the same names over and over we let them fight, scream, shout, and paddy and drank our prosecco in pure desperation of peace , if we didn’t laugh we would have certainly cried. 
So what was a draining hard work camping trip, actually was the funniest too. Great friends are the key, great friends that have little shits who also paddy like a spoilt brat and can relate and cheers to stressful troubles you have everyday …
Cheers happy campers, what a weekend. Camping at its best. 
Here’s to friends and prosecco 🥂


Today was an emotional day, the day my first born, my beautiful big amazing boy graduated from nursery, all ready for ‘big school’ in September.
Where do the years go?? Where has my beautiful baby gone?? He stood there today looking so grown up, smiling like a Cheshire Cat, sticking up his thumb just to let me know he was ok 👌🏻 . so proud I was with all the other little boys and girls. They just didn’t have a clue what was going on. All us parents clapping and celebrating such an amazing moment for them, and the kids it’s just another day. Another day closer to becoming not so nieve to it all and the big world we live in. Beautiful innocent minds. 
And then this time next year I’ll be doing the exact same with my youngest ….
Then time for another baby, you think??? 😂

Mummy bashing 

So been a mummy isn’t the easiest job in the world. I have my days where I’m totally in control and organised, but then find myself slumping and literally just dragging me and my kids through the day eager for bedtime! Now most mums I’ve met also have admitted to this. So I was thinking if that’s the case why do I see so many mummy’s bashing other mummy’s??? I am on a few ‘mummy’ groups and have recently come off them due to pure nasty, evil comments from some. Now I know it’s pretty much the minority but still the small amount that do I just don’t understand it?? 
We all do things differently. Do things that work for you and your babies, but sometimes when I see certain topics about kids been brought up I cringe for the poor person for posting on this group for ‘advice’ as I just know there will be someone bashing her. 
When did we become so self centred to think that “our way” is the only way??? And for someone to call you a bad mum or you shouldn’t be doing it that way is pretty unfair!! We put enough pressure on ourselves as it is without someone saying that your practically a failure ! 
My friend has recently had her first baby. And like us all had thoughts about how she would be, listened to people tell her what she should be doing, in regards to bottles, breast, sleeping etc. Our conversation yesterday showed me that luckily she was a mature confident mummy and knew exactly what her and her baby wanted, and all that was told to her she took in, appreciated the advice but some of it just didn’t work for her. Her baby sleeps on his tummy. She was made to feel so bad for doing it she stopped. For a few days her baby was unsettled, screamed, didn’t sleep causing her not to sleep. Causing her to be the mummy that couldn’t function . She knew deep down it was because he wasn’t comfortable. But pressure from others made her change her own decision to do what was right for her and her son. She in the end followed her mummy instincts and laid him on his tummy to which she now has a happy baby who isn’t so grizzly because he sleeps just fine. I totally understand people have different views. I totally understand their are guidelines and some I understand should be followed. But just because we don’t agree doesn’t make it right to make someone else feel like utter shit, surely?? We all as mummy’s want the best for our babies and children in health, and safety and I feel we need to stick together, listen and totally try and understand why people do what they do. I always said I would never let my baby have a dummy after 2 years old , now I think how bloody rediculous, he wants it still, it’s his only comfort he has and it’s not hurting him so at the minute we’re ok. But yet I’ve had many bash me because he’s 3 in a week and needs it gone. So much pressure to do things to please others!! 
Breast or bottle, co-sleeping or not, led weaning or normal , dummy’s or not, chocolate or fruit, letting your kids sleep out or never allowing it. All of these are your choices, and us as mummy’s should respect them. Come on ladies, bring us mummy’s together instead of making each other feel like shit, our kids can do a good job at doing that some days stop with the added pressure. Be you and do what works for you whether someone agrees or not!! 


Wedding nerves 
This year has literally passed me like a blink of an eye! Only yesterday I feel I booked my wedding in gretna green. 
Excited, nervous, happy, stressed and most certainly giddy, it is literally creeping up on us.
NOW, let the countdown BEGIN 😳😱😀


Meditation doesn’t come easy to some, intact I know I found it hard when I first started to practice it. I was shown a way of not stopping thinking, but letting thoughts just drift past my head like a busy road, one car at a time! I liked this idea of not having so much on my mind, and before I began writing again it helped release some of the tension I had from everyday situations.
Your probably thinking ” what must she have to worry about?, she has a wonderful family, a nice house, a stable income and healthy with 2 healthy incredible children”…and yes this is what it looks like most of the time but I don’t show all aspects of my life on social media like some. I don’t show when me and Alex have that argument because he’s come home drunk and taken the piss, or when I have spent too much on clothes and we really couldn’t afford it and feel like I’m been told off by my dad! We have arguments, big ones, shitty ones and little ones too. My kids can be the biggest arseholes in the world and make my totally question my ability of doing this “mummy job” that other people seem to do so perfectly (or so it seems on social media ) we spend money that we haven’t got , we sometimes have to borrow money off my parents when situations have got hard. We don’t own our own house, and we most of the time never have our time as a couple. we sometimes spend our nights with him on his computer and me on my phone not saying one word!! So no we don’t have a perfect life, we do have stresses. 
So when I meditate I do it to stop negative thoughts about my relationship , about my kids and about my life entering my head! We all have them. We all question where we are and what we should be doing but mediation helps me to be in the now, takes me to a place where I can visualise relaxation as well as feel it, and I love that. I love that something so ‘odd’ to others helps me so much. I’m a spiritual person and alex can even have a few eye rolls when I talk about healing, mediation and spiritualism.
So I say whatever it is that helps your day go smoothly whether it be listening to music, going for a jog, gym, you carry on doing what makes YOU BE YOU …
Thankyou to soul sparkle tonight for my meditation. I feel relaxed and ready to sink into my bed to start my day tomorrow with a fresh mind. Can’t wait for our next session.
Anyone interested in starting mediation I highly recommend. Click the link below for soul sparkles page xx


Watch your mouth
So those that know me well enough know that a few naughty words can slip out occasionally. I TRY my best to stop these and they mostly come out whilst I’m driving in my car with kids in the back!!! Yes I know it’s not very good but there are just utter d**kheads on the road and I need to express that…… 
The age of listening and repeating is at its peak with my kids at the moment. Only this morning I dropped the toast on the floor and automatically the word “shit” came out, quickly followed by my hand over my mouth, Archie doing a fast head spin and a good telling off from my 4 year old, Riley. “Yes yes Riley I know it’s naughty I’m sorry” 
Picking them up from their Childminder’s today, I have to admit it was a very embarrassing moment. She quietly mentioned that Riley was playing with a jigsaw today when all of a sudden “bitch ” came from his mouth. 
“Oooo I wonder where he has got that from” was the reply she got from me (clearly I know I need to stop with this road rage driving whilst the kids are in the car) 
I had a little word with Riley to say that he doesn’t say these words as they are naughty, to which I was informed by my 4 year old “well you say it mummy” …..what can I say ???…….
Time to tape my mouth up 🙈


It occurred to me yesterday after hearing such awful news about the young courageous boy dying from a rare cancer, just how much of an ungrateful madam I can be. We all have our moans and rightly so but when you realise you have the most amazing healthiest children ever, you should appreciate every tiny little thing and minute of the day with them.
We’re all guilty getting wrapped up in our own worlds….

“We haven’t enough money”

“Sick of my child been poorly with a cold all the time ”

“Need a holiday ”

“Can’t be arsed going to work”

And yet some in the world would fight me hands down to swap what we have. 
The unbelievable braveness and spirit that came from this boy is something we all need to watch and take lesson from. His parents would no doubt love for him to just have a cold and be up every night crying for a cuddle. Right now they would swap anything and everything in the whole world just to feel, touch, and hear their little man. 
It’s hard to always appreciate, it’s hard to not have a little moan but in the nut of it all, we need to live this life to the full. Yesterday I was moaning how my 2 year old was the biggest shit in the world, and you know what ?? He was!! BUT hearing news like I heard yesterday and following this boys story, he’s my big shit, my healthy happy strong big shit that I’m lucky enough to see, hear and touch everyday , able to take him to the park, party’s, friends houses, take him to bed and read him a story, able to wipe his tears away from that paddy he’s just had, and sit and play with him with his toys when I want to….. now this makes me grateful …
So today if you feel anything or do anything, or just having a bad day (we all have them ) Be grateful, be thankful, be in the now and think of just the NOW and give your big shits the biggest kiss you could possible give xxx